• creak

Puppies. The nerve.

An open letter to puppies.

The world’s population is unhappy, and it’s making me look bad

Creak gripes about global events overshadowing his own bitching

Summer is coming to a close

Creak has been “tied up”

The world is still here

Creak ponders the end of the world.

End of the World

It snowed in New Mexico, and Creak is not happy about it


Sly Creak has a plan to partake in the Thanksgiving feast this year

The New Post

A new for-sale sign pops up in Creak’s neighborhood

Creak the Sneak

…I´m the pack leader

Creak – The Invisible Prophet

…at least that’s how I feel sometimes

I Don’t Like Cats

Creak has a new houseguest

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