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Arthritis is not what you think it is

What we need to tell our doctors and what they need to tell us.   I once dreaded public speaking. Surprising because in front of television cameras I am totally calm and focused on my subject matter.  But put me in front of a room full of people all looking up at me standing behind a podium and my heart would beat, my stomach churn and my voice go one octave higher, not to mention faster. That was before. Before I was diagnosed with RA and before I knew kids got JA and before I had a mission. Now, my mission is to create awareness for this disease, especially for the kids, teens and young adults. Now I am as comfortable in front of hundreds of people in an auditorium as I am in front of millions on TV. My message, arthritis is not what you think it is. My focus? It’s not my heartbeats or my stomach churning, my focus is my mission. To date my advocacy audiences have all been associated with having arthritis. Parents who want insight into their JA kids, young adults who are searching for their identity and arthritis organization executives that are looking to raise money for awareness and find a cure. The perfect audiences because we are all on the same page. However, one very important page is missing. The doctors who treat RA and JA are not in the audience. The pediatricians and the rheumatologist who diagnose, write the prescriptions and monitor their patients are the missing. The reason I feel that page is missing is because the doctors are educated to treat the disease and they do it well, but they are not the patients. They don’t personally experience the way we feel, or the emotional and personal changes in our lives unless Read More


A day at the JA Conference. A conference for kids with arthritis? What is all this talk about a conference for juvenile arthritis? I had heard a lot about this conference, but hey, I have been to so many conferences. Lots of sitting around in those uncomfortable chairs drinking lukewarm coffee with someone telling me how to live life. Not my favorite thing to do. Until now. First, I felt honored that the Arthritis Foundation asked me to speak and lead an image class for Young Adults.Second, I was curious, how could these kids have fun at a conference? And Third, I wanted to meet all of my Facebook and Twitter friends. I felt like I knew them well but to see them in person? That was what I looked forward to the most. Well, now I know what everyone has been talking about. Why JA and RA families want to travel across the country to wherever this conference is being held. The reason? IT’S MAGICAL The JA Conference is magical. Sure the chairs are the same and the coffee is too, but the work, planning, love and dedication that goes into making kids, teens and young adults have an incredible experience is beyond anything I have ever seen….and I’ve seen the biggest and best of the entertainment worlds conferences. There is something for everyone. It’s not a lecture, it’s a sharing, a uniting of people who have something important in common. This sharing lets us know we are not alone. There are people who care and understand. Nobody said, “Yeah, I have arthritis, look at my big toe.” Nobody had to say anything, we just got it. Everyone had fun. Everyone felt the love. Everyone felt the support. And lucky, lucky me, I was there to experience it. Do I want to go Read More

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