A Special Kind of Different: Why Christine Schwab is so passionate about JA kids

Why does Christine Schwab fight for kids with juvenile arthritis? Growing up in foster homes she knows what it’s like to be different. Living with RA, she knows autoimmune arthritis

Christine Schwab’s top ten ideas for coping with arthritis

As a TV personality & fashion journalist, Christine Schwab has done thousands of top 10 lists but never one for living with rheumatoid arthritis. Here’s her first

Taking a Risk for Research: A lab rat without a cage

Christine Schwab on how she went off her RA meds and took part in a UCLA test program for the first biologic, not knowing if she was on a placebo, and how HOPE helped her tough it out

Should kids be in charge of their shots? (Plus a ‘self-shot’ tip list made by kids)

CJ Blogger Christine Schwab, an RA patient and advocate for children & teens with arthritis, on kids giving themselves their own shots along with a tip list for self-injection

Come Fly with Me: Arthritis air travel tips to make the going easier

CreakyJoints Blogger Christine Schwab, a rheumatoid arthritis patient and seasoned traveler, with ways to make air travel more RA and JA friendly

THE ONE-MINUTE GIFT: 60 seconds to make a difference in RA and JA lives

Author and Advocate Christine Schwab on how taking 60 seconds to call, email or text your legislator can make a difference in RA and JA lives

Secrets vs. Shouting: To tell or not to tell that you have juvenile arthritis

Kids’ advocate Christine Schwab, who kept her RA a secret for years, wants teens to know it’s okay to keep your JA a secret if it works for you—but one day she hopes you’ll join her in shouting it out to the world

For the young adult with RA dressing to impress: Christine Schwab’s Style Tips

Swollen feet, inflamed knees—young men and women with RA often have a harder time in dressing. Fashion expert and RA patient Christine Schwab on how you can still be stylish and pulled together for that job or school interview

JA SUPERHERO STYLE FOR TEENS with fashion expert Christine Schwab

Fashion reporter Christine Schwab, the founder of “Christine’s Kids” on Facebook who also battles RA, provides tips to keep teens stylish and feeling better in Part 2 of her blog series on fashion for JA kids

JA SUPERHERO SPRING STYLE with fashion expert Christine Schwab

Fashion reporter Christine Schwab, founder of “Christine’s Kids” on Facebook, taps into her knowledge from living with RA and working with JA kids in a new blog series on fashion for children, teens and young adults with juvenile arthritis. This first blog is for the little ones,

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