• Arthritic Chick
    Arthritic Chick

The life changes and loss that rheumatoid arthritis and disability can bring

From lifestyle adjustments—having to give up her little car—to major life changes—loss of marriage and career—Arthritic Chick on what RA has taken from her

When people (doctors too) refuse to believe your RA could hurt that much

CreakyJoints Blogger Arthritic Chick on the plain disbelief—even among her physicians—that her rheumatoid arthritis pain could be so severe and debilitating

Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Cyber Bullies and the Trolls

Arthritic Chick on bullying in the RA community. She’s seen it done to others. She’s had it done to her. It hurts, and she has to say something about it

Is methotrexate considered chemotherapy when used to treat RA?

CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick busts the common myth that methotrexate, when used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, is chemotherapy—IT IS NOT

Arthritic Chick on the really bad pain nights, and getting through them

CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick on how she gets through the long nights where the pain is out of control and all consuming—and there is little hope for sleep

Chronic illness…and “What can I do to help?”

CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick says being in so much pain that you cannot be part of the real world is the loneliest thing in the world. How can you help? Be a friend

20 things rheumatoid arthritis has taught Arthritic Chick

For CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick, RA has been a teacher. Not her favorite way to learn, but she has learned a lot. Here are 20 things

Live in the moment—cause you never know when it’s all going to change

CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick on completely and firmly living in the ‘now’ and enjoying every moment whenever you’ve gotten past dark pain-filled days

After a procedure to relieve her pain makes it worse, Arthritic Chick is fobbed off & ignored by medical staff

Trying to explain that she is in much worse pain —in fact, crippling pain—after a procedure that was supposed to ease her pain, Arthritic Chick is stunned by the lack of care and interest from her doctor’s practice

‘Un-invisible’ Rheumatoid Arthritis: How the ‘little things’ that come with RA can add up to change you

Arthritic Chick looks at an old photo and sees how the big as well as the many ‘little things’ that come with RA—hair loss, weight gain,, chipped or broken teeth—added up to turn her into someone else

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