Australia Action


What is the value of lost productivity? What is the cost of getting sicker? And tragically- what is the value of a life lost by lazy medical regulations?

These are the questions that we are demanding answers to!

New regulations may allow your biologic medicine to be switched to cheaper alternatives without your knowledge.

There IS something you can do to help. The first step is to join CreakyJoints Australia and more than 80,000 patients worldwide. Get up to speed on the real threat we patients are facing regarding our medicines. You don’t need to take a biologic to join us, but it would help if you knew or loved someone who did.

As a member of CreakyJoints Australia, you can explore lots of custom benefits designed just for you, including health education from experts, support resources from other patients, and global patient-centered research opportunities.

From there you’ll be in the loop about decisions that are coming up, and how you can share your voice or your perspective.  We expect this to happen quickly, so look for updates soon.

The entire world is watching Australia for what will happen when the authorities decide what to do about future biosimilars, and we promise to do everything we can to make sure patient safety is the number one priority! But it will require all of our strength as a community to be successful.

Join Us Today!

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