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CJA NEWS! CreakyJoints Australia has issued a letter to the Minister for Health urging her
to consider the patients that will be impacted by the shift in policy related to Biologics and Biosimilars.
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Biosimilars, which are like generic versions of biologics will be available in Australia very soon. However unlike normal generic drugs, biologics are complex medicines and cannot be copied identically. This has been a great source of concern for CJA and other organisations due to the possible safety risks to patients. The government has also passed a bill to allow substitution of biosimilars at pharmacy level which has outraged the medical community.

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CJA sends submssion to Senate Inquiry
CJA raise concerns over the short time
allocated to discuss this important issue.

130 patient signatures sent to Minister
CJA have sent a letter with 130 patient signatures asking for clarity on substitution, safety and efficacy of biosimilars.
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Syringe availability difficult for
Methotrexate patients

Patients injecting Methotrexate are
finding it difficult to gain access to syringes.
Have your voice heard

Have your voice heard

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