Recent Arthritis News

The Tragic Neglect of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It leaves people bed-bound and drives some to suicide, but there’s little research money devoted to the disease. Now, change is coming, thanks to the patients themselves.

mHealth: Accelerating Innovation

Did you know that by next year over 30% of the world’s population will own a smartphone? Remarkably, that number jumped from just 9.6% in 2011.

Why Robert Califf Deserves to be FDA Commissioner

There are few jobs more important to keeping us safe and healthy than the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

People With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Post Emotional Photos Raising Awareness Of ‘Invisible’ Struggles

It can be impossible to tell when another person is suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), due to the fact that symptoms are largely internal

Arthritis: Dealing With Weather Changes

When one season gives way to another and the weather shifts with it, people with arthritis often claim they can feel the change in their bones.

La La Anthony Latest Star to Share Struggle with Psoriasis

La La Anthony is opening up about her struggle with psoriasis.

Could an arthritis drug also help treat Alzheimer’s disease?

“Arthritis drug could soon reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms after successful tests on mice,” The Independent reports.

Here’s How You Can Wake Up with Pretty Little Liars’ Ian Harding – for a Great Cause

Ian Harding’s dreamy English teacher Ezra Fitz burst into the hearts of future Lit majors who swooned over him on Pretty Little Liars.

How Yoga Can Help People With Arthritis

Yogis with arthritis had better physical health, less joint pain and less depression 

After #NursesUnite, ‘View’ hosts says comments about nurse misconstrued

(CNN)Nurses across social media are up in collective arms after comments made on “The View” about a Miss America contestant.