Our Partners

CreakyJoints ®, part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, relies on the activist philanthropy of our past and current partners: corporate sponsors, government and foundation grants. We are grateful for their continued support of our community and advocacy efforts.

We do not ask for individual donations, and all of our programs and services are free to members of the arthritis community.

Sponsorship information for educational or advocacy activities is available by contacting Executive Director Louis Tharp, 845-348-0400 (or email him here).

Rheumatology Research Foundation study (PI: Fraenkel) to examine RA patient treatment preferences to facilitate shared decision making.
PCORI study (PI: Bingham) to examine Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement System (PROMIS) scores and their use in clinical interactions between RA patients and their doctors.
PCORI study (PI: Toh) to examine patient and stakeholder perceptions of data privacy-preserving methods.
UAB PCORI project to build and sustain arthritis patient registry incorporating patient reported outcomes, claims data, electronic medical records, and passive musclo-skeletal data collection.