NSAIDs for Arthritis: How to Find the Right One for You

Some are available over the counter; some by prescription only. Here’s how your doctor thinks through which NSAID is...

Alcohol and Arthritis: How Drinking Affects Your Joints, and 4 Tips for Imbibing Safely

Must arthritis mean the end to happy hour? The short answer: Probably not.

Most People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Have No Idea How High Their Heart Attack or Stroke Risk Actually Is

Just having RA means your heart attack risk is as much as 68 percent higher than it is for...

11 Ways to Describe Arthritis So Other People Get What It Really Feels Like

Like having the flu. Like you’re a real-life Tin Man. Like there’s always ‘radio static’ in the background. Which...

Biosimilars Explained: Answers to Questions You’ve Been Asking

First: They’re not generic drugs. Well, not really.
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