Welcome to Voices on CreakyJoints, where we give voice to our entire community and encourage you to share your voice, too.

Here you’ll find Christine Talks JA, the adult version of Christine’s Kids, the Facebook page started by author, TV personality and kids’ advocate Christine Schwab.

Our poet-in-residence, author Donna Sell Barton—aka Giggles over Tears with RA—will share her popular poems, always a poignant and humorous twist on living with rheumatoid arthritis.

Speaking of humor, Voices also features the standup of Matt Iseman, a comedian and TV host with RA who began his career as a physician. Iseman knows laughter can be the best medicine.

To help our community find its voice, CreakyJoints offers a free online memoir writing course taught by the novelist and writing teacher Lynn Lauber: Writing for Life, Writing to Heal.

When “Share Your Voices” is up and running, you will have a direct line to let the CreakyJoints community know what you’re thinking.

Voices is also home to Poet’s Corner (& Artists too), where chronic illness does not stand in the way of creativity.

We also look forward to bringing you the archive of the thousands of conversations from our popular Facebook page to Voices.  

For you tekkies, Voices also features an interactive map of support groups across the country, and the Goal Machine, coming soon to a smartphone near you, a chance to set, track and achieve your life goals. 

And of course, CJ Bloggers, Correspondents & Experts, the best writers on arthritis, can also be found here on Voices.