• Leslie Rott
    Leslie Rott

When RA isn’t your biggest problem: Dad has passed away

Being diagnosed was once the worst Leslie Rott thought it could get—now it is not

Things we lost In The Flood

Leslie Rott writes about the tragic loss of her father during the terrible flooding in Michigan on August 11, 2014

On not getting in on the ground floor: When the disability service office is literally inaccessible

The campus disability office where Leslie is working moves into a building that is NOT handicap accessible

From chronic student to chronic worker

Leslie and the sober realization that she may not be able to work a fulltime job and maintain her health

From lay to professional health advocate

Leslie discovers she loves advocating for others

When I Say I Can’t, I Can’t

Leslie opts out of attending a bridal shower and is taken aback by the curt response

Who has RA the worst? Who has it best?

Leslie on why competition within the RA community Is counterproductive

Leslie revisits the time in 2010 she almost died

She once thought it almost cool to cheat death—now she gets scared

Under Pressure

Even The RA Academe Struggles With Academic Stress

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Leslie follows up on her post "Hearing the Voices of the Chronically Ill in Higher Education"
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